Project engineering and manufacturing activities:
-EU20 resin injection strategy development and implementation on small size rotor.
-EU64 complete rotor production process analysis.
-EU100 complete rotor production process analysis.
-Implementation of glass fiber fabrics impregnation system for load carrying parts manufacturing process.

LM 42.5 P Gamesa (G87):
– product implementation in Spain with vacuum injection process optimisation.
– completion of production documentation and hand over to serial production.
LM 44.0 P (Gamesa G90):
-established manufacturing documents and initial Bill of Materials.
LM 45.3 P (REpower MM92, now called Senvion):
– supervision of test blade manufacturing with DNVGL consultants in Denmark.

Quality Task Force:
– participation as an internal expert to industrialise and harmonise production processes across 12 factories in 3 countries (China, Spain and Denmark).
LM 53.2 P (Alstom ECO110):
– project engineering in full new product development process from the stage of planning to hand over to serial production. Areas of responsibility: Process Engineering: resin injection moulding simulations, design for manufacturing, implementation, creation and implementation of manufacturing and quality documents, creation of the Bill of Materials, cost price analysis, management of technology transfer, product audits of prototype and test blades.
– Reliability of integrated lightning protection system with established design and process FMEA from scratch.

LM 48.8 P3 Nordex, LM 48.8 P4 MHI: new product introduction with redesign activities to enable use on customer’s platform. In the scope of project the identified and executed activities: overall product and project management responsibility and product implementation in factories in Spain and Poland, quality assurance and control, handover to customer and serial production, component type certification.

LM 40.3 P Goldwind, Nordex and Envision: project management and design lead responsibility for product re-design, implementation in Chinese factory and certification.
LM 55.4 P (XEMC): new product implementation in Denmark, prototype and test blades delivery, testing and certification.
Quality and Process Engineering: Project management and process engineering responsibility for new matrix enhanced resin injection strategy development, implementation and hand over to serial production.

LM 48.9 (Senvion MM100): new product development, full project management responsibility and design lead. Product design with resources allocated in The Netherlands, Denmark and implementation in the factory in US.

Automatic injection resin system implementation in 10 factories in China, India, Spain, US and Poland.
Glass fiber quality improvement reject with 50% defects reduction in year to year.

LM 56.0 P (Gamesa G114): new product development and implementation in China. Full design from planning, through conceptual design, detailed design, prototyping, testing and final evaluation with hand over to serial production.
LM 73.5 P blades installation support in Belgium.

LM 59.3 P (Alstom ECO120): new product development and implementation in Denmark. Full design from planning, through conceptual design, detailed design, prototyping, testing and final evaluation with hand over to serial production.

LM 88.4 P (Adwen AD8-180) accountable for design and overall program management for the strategic initiative. Formed and managed the program with multiple projects with the aim and common goal of delivering the world’s largest to the market on time, with the right quality and within the budget.

LM 88.4 P (Adwen AD8-180) implementation, static and dynamic testing.

LM 88.4 P (Adwen AD8-180) post fatigue testing and certification.
Offshore blades industrialisation program with an objective of further maturing production processes to improve production efficiency, health and safety aspects, ergonomics and product quality.

LM 88.4 P (Adwen AD8-180) prototype installation and customer support on site in Bremerhaven, Germany.